What To Expect

Showing Up

At Harbor North Shore we value community and fellowship, so every Sunday beginning at 8:45 water and refreshments are available at the welcome table under the tent. Information about our church and how to serve is available here.

Worship Service

We are a small family church devoted to taking time out of our week to come together as an ohana to bring glory to our Creator through song, the preaching of the Word, taking the Lord’s Supper, and giving of tithes and offerings. We preach directly through books of the Bible to ensure we recieve the entire counsel of the Word, and we take the Lord’s Supper every week to remember what Christ has done.


We believe that children are a gift from the Lord, and we welcome our children to remain in the worship service with parents if so desired. We love our children and do not consider them a burden or a distraction, but an integral part of the church family. We offer a nursery for children ages 0-4.  For elementary aged kids, we have a special worksheet available to follow along in service.  Our classes are dedicated to teaching the gospel and discipling the hearts of the youngest in our church.